In addition to having inaugurated the exhibition at Galleria Vik Milano's 210 Gallery, the Japanese artist has also been the protagonist of several initiatives of her work, all held in Milan. The first one saw her in action at the Uniqlo Department Store in the centre of Milan (Piazza Cordusio). Celebrating its first anniversary in Milan, Uniqlo organized a work shop on October 7th, in which the artist, together with the public created artist's clothes. The group was mainly composed of children and teenagers,  who personalized T-shirts with the famous "big wave" by Hokusai, reworked in Tomoko’s style. The other initiative that sees Tomoko's work as a protagonist took place at Casa Lago, a Milanese design company, where the works of three international artists all based in Milan, were compared to each other. The title of the exhibition, Living Women Artshow, was curated by Christian Gangitano in collaboration with the Casa degli Artisti Milano. In addition to Tomoko, the other artists are Liw Volpini, a naturalized Milanese artist of Chinese origin, and the Polish painter, Marta Mez, who has lived in Milan for many years. The latter, well known for her façades of houses and buildings, is one of the painters who participated in the Galleria Vik Milano project. Room 204 is entirely dedicated to her work. She also painted a large mural of a façade of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II on the entrance wall of the third floor. Living Women Art Show features three talented artists - three women and three mothers, as well as exhibiting artwork from their latest production.

Uniqlo, Milano ~ Casa Lago: casalagomilano.com

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Marta Mez

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Tomoko, Liw Volpini & Marta Mez

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Tomoko Workshop

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